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Sanity Flasks

Flask with "+1 Sanity" engraving -- don't leave home without it!

Blood Spatter Tokens (Frosthaven, DnD, More)

Use as bloodied/killed markers, or scatter terrain. Replaces Loot tokens in Frosthaven.

Make your battle maps come alive! For DnD, Frosthaven, Minis, and Tabletop Games.

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Welcome to a Dungeon Master's new best friend!

Tick Tock Token is a one-man project, and my latest idea is the Dungeon Master's Advice Dice. Need an assist? Roll the dice, and take their advice!

Looking for tips on reading and interpreting the dice results? Consult the Oracle!

The DM's Advice Dice were funded using Kickstarter. I made them myself, and they're now available on Amazon USA!

And here's a sneak peek at a new project: the Flickering Lantern Base for Minis

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